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Jiluantang | Chinese Medicine Center | Platform SRCs | ATW | 2021No Passwords 

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Jun 7, 2021
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[Image: ABUIABAEGAAglfDZiwYo6MyrowYwxyM4mgg.png]

Hello, today, we're leaking four SRCs for Jiluantang. A statement by the company below can be used to understand them better:

Ji Luan Tang Group is a TCM full-chain industry group with the Chinese dream and the practice of TCM dreams.

Ji Luan Tang Group takes the healthy dream and my Chinese dream as its purpose, and the guiding ideology of inheriting Chinese medicine, innovating Chinese medicine, and developing Chinese medicine as pointed out in Chairman Xi's important speech on the development of Chinese medicine.

Jiluantang Group is headquartered in Beijing, and its operation center is located in Guangzhou. After several years of development, it has completed the global Chinese medicine chain group, health management group, private production industry group, operation center, research and development center, Chinese medicine planting base, and beauty brand. The construction of the entire industrial chain, including the legal center, media center, etc., has completed the construction of "Jiluantang Beijing No.1 Pavilion" and "Jiluantang Guangzhou No.2 Pavilion", and gradually expanded to 34 provincial-level administrative districts across the country, striving to be in each Provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government have"

Leak Details

The following is being leaked today:
  • jiluantang_store - Front end of the backstage of Jiluantang store​
  • jiluantang_platform - Backend front end of Jiluantang platform​
  • jiluantang_h5 - Ji Luan Hall h5 front end​
  • jiluantang_api - Jiluantang api​

[Image: unknown.png]

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